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Make-up & Me… A follow up 

This is my usual daily make-up routine when I wear make-up. Lucky you. You get to watch the fat lady put on make-up. What you see is almost 9 minutes of video. I had to speed it up by 5x. I used to be able to do everything you see here in under 20 minutes. I shake too much to be able to do that now. I takes about 45 minutes now. So this is my “everyday” make-up look.

A few pictures so you can see the eye make-up up close with and without glasses so you can see what I described in my previous post about glasses frames changing the way your eye make-up looks.

My Vanity Make-up without glasses Make-up with Glasses Eye close-up w/glasses

So there you have it. I’ve gone completely out of my comfort zone & shown the world my flabby arms & double chin. No one, except someone else with severe degenertive disc disease & FMS & Osteoarthritis & and an aneurysm in their heart will understand the concept that dieting at a mear 1100 calories a day does not result in wieght loss. & for those of you who thing Obama Care is going to be fantastic. I laugh in your face.

I am completely 100% physically disabled according the SSA. Part of that means that I receive Medicaid as my health care benefit as no one else will insure me. A couple of decades ago the Feds @ SSA gave the management of who gets approved & how services are provided up to the states to manage. Here in GA, almost 3 years ago, they turned the management of Medicaid over to HMOs, thinking it would save them money. Our governor was so proud when he told us it would save our state over $5 billion per year. In the first year alone it ended up costing the state over $8 billion. The very sad part of this is that those HMO’s started denying providership to over 70% of the then current providers in the state, over 90% of the mental health care providers. State ran mental health care facilities were forced to close. Suicide rates exponentially rose.

Most days I cannot walk w/out a walker. Some days the pain is so intense I cannot even walk at all. One would think the obvious answer would be, physical therapy, right? Wrong. The only way I’m getting physical therapy is if I’ve been hospitalized for something orthopedic and it is written as part of discharge orders. Well, seeing as my degenerative disc disease is so bad in one spot that no one will operate as the chances of my ending up paralyzed & in a wheelchair are far too great, I won’t be getting physical therapy anytime soon. Kind of like, when I had the stroke, I did what the HMO wants me to do and called my nurse case manager first, she said, “Yes sure does sound like you have had a stroke but at this point it is over and there is no point in going to the ER as they will want to do a brain MRI and you have already had one this year so we aren’t going to cover another one. I see here that you have an appointment with your neurologist on Monday (this was a Wednesday). He can do an in office physical exam to confirm the stroke.” Which is what we did.

Any way. I digress. I have gone far off topic. Don’t bother telling me how fat I am. I already know it. Yes I plan on doing something surgical about it, as soon as I can find a gastric surgeon who believes my cardio-thoracic doctor that I can undergo said procedure as long as certain precautions are made. I have the self discipline to be able to do a lap-band and make it work and that procedure can be done laproscopically. How am I so sure of myself & why do I know I can make it work? Because I have watched my mother fail at 3 weight loss surgeries, last one nearly cost her her life because she wasn’t mentally prepared to give up food & the hospital’s dietary staff was not educated in the care & feeding of a patient who had just had a Reux-en-Y type gastric bypass.

Any who. Have fun laughing at my fat face. Ciao for now~

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