Midwest farmer’s daughter. Some say my generation is part of Gen-X. I’d call that BS. I’m trapped in the limbo created by having Baby boomer parents and Me-Generation aunts and uncles. Too young to be part of the Me-Generation, too old to be part of the Gen-X, yet everything from both and between.

Wife to Joseph, a neurotic misanthrope. Mom to 3 brilliant biological sons and bonus-mom to another brilliant boy. Daughter to a neurotic Italian-German American Army brat and a Irish-Danish American farmer.

Music is my life. For every life event there is a soundtrack. To lose the ability to hear would likely kill my soul due to the lack of music.

I love to cook. Sadly, the heart failure and fibromyalgia that I live with have advanced to the point where I no longer am able to do all of the cooking and baking that I used to do. However, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying Culinary Pornography aka: cooking shows and catalogs. 😀 (Edit)I now have to add to that list, main pulmonary artery aneurysm, stroke survivor w/resulting complications, severe degenerative disc disease, and osteoarthritis.(/Edit)

I was raised a devout Roman Catholic in distinctly Irish- American community. Too much contradictory theological history led to atheism which led to agnostic tendencies which led to my exploring pagan beliefs and embracing polytheism in the form of Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism. BUT I practice my faith in a solitary manner as most pagans that I encounter are flaky beyond belief. (EDIT) Further seeking & study since I wrote this three years ago has me still giving honor to my Celtic ancestors beliefs, but currently I am finding great comfort in Hinduism, therefore one can no longer consider me pagan/polytheistic these days(/EDIT). It’s just another area where I’ve become incredibly eclectic.

Political discourse can really get me riled up. When I was younger, I felt aligned with the Democrats, then more with Republicans as my children were born and got older. Now I realize that all along my political beliefs are more in the vein of Libertarianism. (EDIT)All political parties are screwed. I just support the lesser of the evils.(/EDIT)

I need another cup of coffee. And oh by the way, two of my children struggle with mental illness at ages of early onset. Boy #1 has bipolar disorder and Baby Boy (boy #4) has schizo-affective disorder. (Edit)We now know, via extensive neurological testing & yearly brain MRI’s that Baby Boy aka Nathan’s disorder leans more heavily towards schizophrenia and the results of his last MRI showed some brain damage from when he used to beat his head repetitively against his metal framed bed to try to stop the voices & even more disturbing some significant brain shrinkage which results in dementia. His doctor told us that is a somewhat common thing to happen in schizophrenic patients but this was the first he’s seen it confirmed in a child although it does happen. For us it was the answer to why he was repetitively forgetting basic skills and why he may be turning 13 in 2011, he will always mentally be somewhere around 9 yrs. old.(/Edit)  There’s never a dull moment and sometimes I need to vent. If you think I’m this negative with my children then you must surely be confused by my sarcastic wit.

And speaking of sarcastic wit, if any friends or family members are offended by my words here on this page, then you really don’t know me and the loving-sarcasm that was intended. You would know my Daddy and understand exactly that the apple didn’t fall all that far from the tree.

There’s a story as to why the url for my blog’s url is Wild-Heart.net. I shall spare you and save it for another time. For now I’ll just say it’s my favorite Stevie Nicks song and leave you with it. It is my song.

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