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Make-up and Me

When I was a teenager I used to wear make-up frequently. Unless I was depressed or overslept, I was not going out the door w/out make-up on my face. I take that back, I used to have to leave for school early to be able to put my make-up on in the gym locker-room because my father believed only whores wore make-up at the age of 16.

Then as I got older and motherly duties came first, I neglected my skin & make-up became something that was saved for special occasions. Now that I have spent over 18 years living with only Y-chromosome people, you might call it my mid-life crisis, but I am re-discovering my joy of make-up.

Yes, I watch the tutorial videos of the likes of Lauren Luke , Michelle Phan and Kandee Johnson. While most of the looks they do in their videos are nothing I would never do myself, a lot of them are looks have known how to do for years. They have inspired me to be proud to be female and revel in all things girlish again.

I still don’t wear make-up every day. The only reason I don’t is because most days I can barely walk let alone hold a make-up brush steadily. The art of proper make-up application is exactly that, it is an ART. Not everyone can put on make up and have it enhance their features w/out looking like a clown. And not everyone cares about it at all, and that is fine but I refuse to hide in the closet or feel put down because I find joy in something so intrinsically feminine.

My husband & my sons treat me differently when I have make-up on. When I have make-up on in public, I am treated differently and with more respect. Strange? Yes. Does this mean society is still highly misogynistic? Probably. Do I care as I am staring 38 in the face? Not one damn bit.

If you’ve made it this far and haven’t gotten sick of the make-up shtick yet, you might be wondering what some of my favorite make-up lines are. The things I personally use.

  • For a foundation base I simply stick to my acne treatment’s moisturizer. For a foundation, I use whatever loose mineral foundation is on sale at Walgreen’s or Wal-Mart because it is so healthy for every skin type and with a light coverage, evens out your skin tone & hides blemishes w/out being toxic to your pours; it lets your skin breath.
  • For an eyeshadow primer & eyelash primer I use Claudia Stevens brand which can be easily found at Sally Beauty and are incredibly affordable.
  • For eye colors, cheek colors, & lip stains I have 4 of Lauren Luke’s pallets which you can find at her official online website or at any Sephora counter, store (store front or online). I am also very enamored by Urban Decay. It can also be found at Sephora but I highly recommend going to their online website & signing up for their mailing list. Their stuff is very expensive and I only have one very small pallet of their’s and w/out the email with the coupon code I would have never have been able to afford it. Don’t quote me on this, I can only guess by working with the make-up that their stuff, at least the eye shadows are pressed minerals. The blush in the pallet also “behaves” as if it is also. I would have to search further into it.

My final tip is this: if you wear nerdy girl eye glasses like do (bold black frames) and wear them all day long, don’t be afraid to go a little bolder with your eye make-up than you think you should because the black frame draws attention away from your eyes and all of the work you put into your look will have been for nothing when you put on your glasses & look in the mirror & see that it looks like you don’t have any make-up on at all.


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